Does maintaining service continuity keep you awake at night?

Our Hardware Access Control solution will make sure that your critical assets are well protected.

Your Critical Infrastructure Is at Risk

Critical infrastructure, due to its vital role in society, makes the perfect target for adversaries looking to cause high levels of disruption. An attack on critical infrastructure will have a significant impact due to the nation’s reliance on it; the country’s economy and its population’s health and safety depends on the continued operation of critical infrastructure.

Legacy Is a challenge

Main Benefits

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Service Continuity

Maintaining service continuity and making sure that your customers are well served.

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Asset Protection

Protecting your organizations crown jewels from rogue devices.

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Risk Management Compliance

Achieving a higher level of risk management compliance

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Full Asset Visibility

Making sure that all assets are known and accounted for.

Keep your operations running

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Critical Infrastructure

Sepio Systems Hardware Access Control HAC-1, provides 100% hardware device visibility for critical infrastructure.

HAC-1 enables Hardware Access Control by setting rules based on the devices characteristics.

HAC-1 instantly detects any devices which breach the set rules and automatically block them to prevent malicious attacks.

The idea is to Verify and then Trust that those assets are what they say they are.

Sepio Systems HAC-1 brings the ultimate solution to zero trust adoption by providing 100% hardware device visibility.

With greater visibility, the zero-trust architecture can grant access decisions with complete information.

Thus, enhancing the enterprise’s protection within, and outside of, its traditional perimeters.

The Hardware Access Control capabilities of HAC-1, block Rogue Devices as soon as they are detected

HAC-1 stop an attack at the first instance, not even allowing such devices to make network access requests.

Critical infrastructure protects the nation, and HAC-1 is here to protect.

Embracing Zero Trust Hardware Access in critical infrastructure is key.